Our Honey Is Never Cooked, It Is Always Raw

to preserve flavor and health benefits
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Our Honey Varieties

Wildflower Honey

As the name implies this honey is produced from a mixture of many different native ground flora species that are flowering at the same time on the...

Goldfields/Mallee Honey

(Mixed Eucalyptus Varieties including Euc. Transcontinentalis, Euc. Flocktonie) The Goldfields and Mallee honey is produced many kilometres from...

Whitegum Honey

(Eucalyptus Wandoo) is a smooth and very mild flavoured honey. It is often used in drinks including coffee as a much healthier alternative to...

Redgum Honey

(Corymbia calophylla) is a full flavoured honey that has many uses. It tastes great as a spread and is also often used in cooking. Recent testing...

Jarrah Honey

(Eucalyptus Marginata) has a robust and distinctive nutty flavour. In addition to tasting great, recent research has shown this unique honey to...

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