Davies Apiaries is a family owned and operated business that has been producing quality honeybee products for over 40 years. Our central plant extraction facility is situated in Baldivis, south of Perth. Our 700 beehives can be found on any of the over 350 apiary sites in our portfolio, throughout the South West of WA. The majority of our apiary sites that we use are in the rich National Parks and State Forests of our South West. The apiary sites where we locate the beehives is dependent on the flowering season of the primary endemic species of that particular area.

Migratory beekeeping allows us to gather a number of different types of natural honeys, most of which are unique to only the South West of Western Australia. The process of gathering by hand these selected honeys allows our unique honey flavours to be fully retained and thoroughly enjoyed. All of our honey is extracted in Baldivis in a fully Health and Quality Assured facility and we sell only the honey that we have ourselves produced from our own beehives. Our business is fully B-Qual quality assured and we also are very proud of our Organic Certification.

Around the world, beekeeping industries suffer many diseases of the bees and hives. To control diseases such as Varroa, European Foulbrood, American Foubrood and numerous other bee diseases, the beekeepers feed and treat their bees with drugs and other chemicals. Western Australia is unique in that it does not have many of these beehive diseases. This unique advantage results in a pesticide, drug and chemical free honey. Strict quarantine controls also restrict honey and apiary products from entering Western Australia enabling us to further protect our local industry from these diseases.